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3 Texting Mistakes That Most Men Make…


by Greg C. Greenway

Texting is now a mandatory part of dating, and it can be pretty frustrating.

  • Ever had a girl stop responding to your texts for no reason?
  • Does it feel like she’s stringing you along?
  • Can’t think of a good first text to send?
  • Not sure how to ask her out?
  • Accidentally offended her?
  • She doesn’t remember who you are?
  • She only replies with short texts like “ok” or “haha” or “aww, thanks”…?

If any of those things have happened to you, man… I’ve been there, and I feel you!

And while I wish things were different, I have to be honest.

Here’s the cold, hard truth about texting:

At any given time, an attractive girl always has more than one guy texting her.

So, if you’re struggling to grab her attention and get her out on a date, it’s because you are competing for her attention with a bunch of other guys!

And the hotter she is, the harder it is for you to compete.

Until now…

Avoiding the following 3 mistakes that most men make when texting, will give you an unfair advantage over 99% of guys you’re competing with…

… and make thoughts of sleeping with you come inside her mind every time you hit that “send” button.

PLUS… you’ll get 26 text messages girls ALWAYS respond to (at the end)

Texting Mistake # 1) Using Feeble Compliments

Texts like “hey cutie what’s up?” or “hey gorgeous how was your weekend?” or “hey beautiful it’s me, nice to meet you xoxo” feel lifeless and pathetic to her.

No offense, but if you send texts like this, she’s going to think you’re a desperate loser.

She might text you back just to be polite, or because she’s bored…

… or because she likes how it feels to know she’s hot and multiple guys want her…

But she won’t be attracted to you, because you are not a challenge.

INSTEAD, you want to follow a pattern she’s used to seeing from confident guys who get laid a lot – the guys she views as a PRIZE.

Instead of weak compliments she hasn’t earned from you, spark her curiosity and challenge her ego a little bit.

For example:

“Hey cutie what’s up?” or “Hey brat, stop thinking about me and get back to work.”

“Hey beautiful, what are you doing?” or “Hey stalker, is that you outside my window trying to see me naked…?”

Instead of being the guy who pathetically worships her… be the guy who playfully challenges her.

Texting Mistake # 2) Reacting To Her Mood Swings And Flakiness

(It shows you don’t talk to girls very often)

If you’ve ever gotten offended because a girl ignored you over text, or took a long time to respond, or acted hot and then cold… this is for you.

Flaky girls can be frustrating… but get over it.

Yeah, she’s being lame. She has mood swings and can be unreliable. She’s a woman.

And if you were used to dealing with women… flakiness wouldn’t faze you.

You’d forget about it and connect with her later when she’s in a different state of mind.

When you take it personally, you’ve failed a pretty big test and you can’t come back from it.

You’re showing massive insecurity that absolutely murders any attraction she might have felt towards you.

It shows that you don’t have a lot of options…

… which means not a lot of girls find you attractive…

… which means you’re not attractive.

You might as well text her “hey, I don’t get laid very often and I’m very uptight. I also don’t understand what women want and I’ll never satisfy you in any way.”

Want to know the easiest way to do handle getting ignored or flaked on?

Text more than one girl at a time. Know that you have options.

Because guess what?

If she’s hot… she’s texting more than just one guy.

You can hate the game or you can play the game to win, it’s your choice.

Texting Mistake # 3) Taking Forever To Craft The Perfect Text

(She’ll know you’re lame as soon as you hit send)

Here’s a tip to remember: neediness kills attraction.

And if you’re spending more than 20 to 30 seconds thinking about what to text a girl, whatever you come up with is going to STINK of neediness.

The longer you spend agonizing over the “perfect text”… the more obvious it’s going to be that you’re trying too hard…

Instead, when you pick up your phone to text a girl, just think of something to write, send it and forget it.

Need Some Help Sending The Right Texts?

If you want to stand out from every other guy in her phonebook, you have to be playful…

You have to be 100% non-needy…

You have to be challenging…

You have to lead things forward…

And you have to spark the right emotions to make her respond…

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Fair Warning:

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