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//5 Steps To Dominate High End Clubs

5 Steps To Dominate High End Clubs

So you’ve decided you want to tackle the high end club scene. Whether you’re in a new city or just checking out new places in your current city, here are 5 easy tips you can use to conquer any high end nightclub.

Step 1 – Identify The Clubs Utility

There are 4 types of Utility when dealing with high end night clubs.





The quickest and easiest way to completely dominate a high end club is to concentrate on the utilities of Money and Women.

I hate to think of women as a Utility, however if it is a fact that in the majority of high end clubs, half of their efforts are to ensure that many good looking women come to their venue.

It is what it is, so don’t hate the player, hate the game…

(Sorry…that was very cheesy)

Step 2 – Find guys who have money

A common scene at a High End club is the all guy NO girl table. There is only one way in hell, that a club allowed a table full of guys and no girls in, and this is if those guys have an abundance of money and influence.

You can spot these guys a mile off. Usually all in suits, or the classic dark jeans, white shirt and blazer combo. They will be standing around a whole heap of drinks, not talking to each other, looking into the crowd admiring the ladies.

These rich guys usually have average to below average social skills.

They will happily watch the ladies from afar, in the hope that the $10k worth of Belvedere they just bought, will get them some attention from the women.

Occasionally it will, but only after the poor guys have worked up enough Dutch courage to chat up the ladies (i.e. tell them how much money they have). This is where you come in. 

When you see a group like this, you can automatically identify their utility as women. So, strike up a conversation. It is very easy to do so, as these guys are usually very friendly. 

After shooting the shit for a couple of minutes, ask them where their ladies are. Make a light-hearted joke about the major sausage fest going on. Then offer to find them some ladies. They will accept.

Step 3 – Find Some Women

Forget girls at other tables, unless you like a challenge. Talk to a few girls on the dance floor, then tell the girls you’re going to introduce them to some cool people. Take the girls over to “table sausage fest”, introduce them to the rich guys and voila you’re in. 

The guys will pepper the women with drinks, and the women will think you’re a really friendly, super cool guy. After all, you’re enhancing their night.

Step 4 – Connect

The rich guys should now love you. No seriously, if you’ve done your job properly, they will actually love you for it. You now introduce the guys to the host (in a subtle socially calibrated way of course). 

Make sure you introductions are always really positive.

Rich Guys Intro – “This is a friend of mine, he’s a really successful real estate mogul / stock broker / banker / entrepreneur etc.”

Host Intro -“This is host X, he’s the best person in the city for partying. If you ever need a table booked at the hottest places, this is your guy.”

The host, will be more than happy to connect with the rich guys, as we already know, money is a very persuasive utility in high end clubs. 

Your Utility to the host now shoots through the roof, as he can always count on you to connect him to potential new streams of revenue.

Step 5 – The after party

In a group of rich guys, there will always be one of them with a pimped out bachelor pad. Identify, which rich guy has the pad, and then tell him how sick it would be to have everyone go back to his.

He’ll definitely take the bait. Invite all the girls you met earlier, and then invite the host.


The hosts are always on the lookout for an after party, and the host always has the hottest girls and coolest people with him. Sometimes even celebrities. 

A few years ago, I followed these exact steps, with a guy who owned a private jet company. 

The Black Eyed Peas were in the club that day, and BEP, their entourage, and a whole load of hot groupies came back with us to this guy’s house extremely luxurious house. 

Needless to say, the host that night still answers my call within 2 rings.

If you follow the guidelines above, you should have no problem entering a club on your own, making loads of friends and having a badass time.

Why does this work?

Because you sticking to one of my most important philosophies of making everyone win.

The Rich Guys WIN as they have a better time and meet some cool women

The Women WIN as they get to have fun with some really cool people

The Hosts WIN as they you help them grow their Social Influence and they have a wicked after party to take their guests to.

The Club WINS as it’s the backdrop for a group of people having an awesome time.

And of course you WIN.

Try it out.