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Am I Crazy To Give Away The Key’s To The Kingdom Like This?

How Would You Like To Spend 14 Days Using My Entire Catalog Of High-End Training… For Only $1?

“Upgrades your dating and sex life like nothing you’ve experienced…”

We both know that upgrading your dating and sex life doesn’t happen overnight.

But if you’re on a mission to meet and attract higher quality women, and it’s taking you longer than 14 days to make something happen… then I hate to break it to you…

You’re doing something wrong.

It shouldn’t be that hard for you, mate.

But that’s okay, because you’re about to jumpstart your confidence and get a chance to use over $6,697.00 worth of my very best training.


5 Of My Most Powerful Systems That Work Together To Deliver The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams… Filled With All The Friends… Business Connections… And True “Maxim Worthy” Women You Can Handle…

Best part? You can try it today for just $1 if you choose…

Am I batshit crazy for offering a deal like this?

Some people might think so, but in fact… there’s a method to my madness.

See, I’m tired of hearing about well-intentioned guys – maybe guys just like you – who struggle to meet and attract the women they really deserve.

And I know for a fact that when you have all my proven systems working for you at the same time, sleeping with gorgeous women will become SO easy for you… it’s not even fair.

I cannot wait for you to experience what it’s like…

Instead of going through the awkward song-and-dance of “approaching” a girl and trying to win her over…

…that exact same girl will chase YOU… and smile at you, and touch you, and flirt with you, and ignore every awkward, imperfect thing you say… and make it SO easy for you to sleep with her, it’s impossible for you to fail.


Instead of going through the awkward song-and-dance of “approaching” a girl and trying to win her over…

…that exact same girl will chase YOU… and smile at you, and touch you, and flirt with you, and ignore every awkward, imperfect thing you say… and make it SO easy for you to sleep with her, it’s impossible for you to fail. Seriously…

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel…

And now you won’t have to try so hard anymore. You can relax and be yourself, and let her do the work of winning you over.

Can you start to see how crucial this is to your future success?

I’m giving you the keys to unlimited power, status and sex right now…

But we both know it ain’t gonna magically happen all by itself.

You need a proven game plan from someone who’s done it before and can show you exactly what steps to follow… who to talk to, what to do, and when to do it (there’s a specific order that’s proven to work best for most guys).

That’s why I’ve opened up my doors and started accepting new members inside…

The King’s Game Inner Circle

This is the most generous (and crazy) offer on the market right now.

When you accept this offer, you’re getting access to my entire library of high-end training… the very same collection of products that have sold for a combined total of more than $6,697.00.

But when you accept this offer, your investment is just a tiny fraction of that, and you can try it out for 14 days for 1 measly dollar.

Here’s what’s included:


In order to sleep with — and date — the hottest women in your city… you have to go where they go, and party where they party.

Problem is… these places don’t typically have big signs out front that read “Average Guys Welcome.”

It’s hard for someone with no connections to know where to go, or how to get in.

With “Access 9’s and 10’s” you will discover, step-by-step, how to infiltrate those high-end social circles that contain the absolute hottest women.

I’m talking instagram models… actresses… pornstars… women who are so hot they’re literally paid for their looks.

Most guys don’t have a chance with these girls…

But when you combine The King’s Game with “Access 9’s and 10’s,” you’ll be shocked at the quality of girls who end up naked in your bed.

Sells For $97 INCLUDED!


There are 9 “Dating Solutions” in total, and they normally sell for $67 each. There’s no filler or fluff in this value-packed guides, just a done-for-you “checklist on steroids.”

Anytime you get stuck and need help, you can always flip right to the Dating Solution that solves your specific problem, right away.

Here are some of the highlights…

  • The Justin Bieber Method – This notorious guide gives you the power to influence and control female emotions like an “A-list” celebrity…
  • Getting Physical – shows you how to smoothly escalate toward sex with any girl in just 4 steps, with no awkwardness or rejection…
  • Conversation Decoded – how to talk to any woman in a way that makes her sexually attracted to you, including 57 teasing and banter techniques that make women want to f@#k you…
  • The Texting Blueprint – my done-for-you texting guide for getting dates on autopilot, including my simple 9 word text that can get almost any girl into your bed in 60 minutes or less…

Sells For $603 INCLUDED!


Imagine being able to roll up to the hottest clubs… skip the lines… drink for free all night… and enjoy unrivaled access to the most beautiful women in the venue.

Well… that’s exactly what happens when you know how to Conquer The Clubs.

As a former nightclub consultant, I know all the insider secrets to bypassing the bouncers and getting treated like a V.I.P. at the most exclusive venues.

This is why dozens of guys gladly paid $2,000.00 each to attend my closed door seminar where I revealed those secrets.

It’s also why hundreds of guys paid $897 for the recordings of that seminar… until I was forced to take it off the market.

That’s right… I said forced.

Because these insider secrets are so powerful… the clubs gave me an ultimatum.

“Either Stop Sharing These Secrets Publicly… Or You’re Banned For LIFE!”

But as soon as you join The Inner Circle… you can watch those $2,000.00 closed door videos in glorious HD.

Here’s some of the “insider information” you’ll discover…

  • The Real Secret To Getting Free Drinks (Even Bottle Service) At The Hottest Clubs In Town…
  • The V.I.P. Email Trick- Just Copy-And-Paste This E-mail And Clubs Will Roll Out The Red Carpet For You… (Plus, I Show You Exactly Who To Send It To)…
  • A Sneaky Little Way To Show Up At The Club With An Entourage Of Hot Women… Even If The Only Female In Your Phone Is “Mom!”…
  • The Trick That Gets Millionaires To Treat You Like A Childhood Friend… The Very First Time You Meet Them… (This Is The Shortcut To Living A Rock Star, Jet-Set Lifestyle Filled With Private Planes, High-Roller Suites, And Insane Yacht Parties)…
  • How To Use Nightclubs To Climb The Social Ladder… So You Can Meet, Friend, And F**K The Rich And Famous…

Sells For $2,000 INCLUDED!


A.K.A. How To Build A Social Circle Full Of Smoking Hot Women Who All Want To Bang Your Brains Out.

In this breakthrough program… I show you every step you need to take to become a guy who is literally surrounded by hot women who all want to get in your pants.

When you master these simple steps, you never have to awkwardly approach new women ever again… because your social circle literally becomes a feeder system that overflows with top shelf p*ssy.


  • The Secret 5-Step IFAMM Formula For Meeting, Dating, And Sleeping With ALL The Hottest Women In Your Social Circle…
  • The “Slow Burn” Seduction Technique That Girls Who’ve Friend Zoned You To Suddenly Crave Your C*ck…
  • How To Use “Entourage Game” To Build An Entire Squad Of Smokeshows Who All Want To F**k You! (This is how you get laid like a young Hugh Hefner!)…
  • The Dream Team System… And How It Allows You To Tap Into A Massive Pool Of Top-Shelf P*ssy That You NEVER Have To Work For (Other guys will literally get girls for you)…
  • The Infamous “Pimpin’ All The World” Method (Get dropped off in ANY city… and sleep with the hottest women that city has to offer… the very same night!)…

And that just barely scratches the surface…

We’re talking about hours of priceless information that will turn your social circle into your ultimate sex playground…

Sells for $997 INCLUDED!

And we’re still not done. I saved the best for last…


Sex On Demand is strictly about delivering hot women into your bed… any time you want it. Hell… it may deliver women into your bed even if you don’t want it.

Because Sex On Demand is the only seduction system that harnesses the powerful psychological phenomenon known as “Operant Conditioning,” which…

Hijacks A Woman’s Pleasure And Reward Pathways…And Literally Makes Her Sexually Addicted To You!

This is extremely powerful stuff… far more effective than anything you’ve ever seen before. Which is why dozens of men paid me $3,000.00 each to teach it to them at a private Las Vegas seminar.

Now… I’ve adapted it into a paint-by-numbers simple study course that installs all the key concepts in your brain… without ever having to leave your home.

And inside this special training program, you’ll discover…

  • The “Master Key” Mindset That Makes Even Good Girls Feel Comfortable Doing Extremely Naughty Things With You… This is the secret to living out all your wildest sexual fantasies…
  • How To Effortlessly Create Intense Sexual Tension With ANY Woman You Want To Bang… This gets her so turned on, she’s guaranteed to tear your clothes off…
  • The Easy Way To F**k Your Friends. With this secret, that girl who friend zoned you suddenly craves having you inside her…
  • How To Set Up “Sex Funnels…” An autopilot system that constantly delivers hot new women into your bed… ready and willing for some no-strings-attached fun!
  • 7 Ways To Make Her F**k You – Seven stealth arousal techniques that cause her to become so uncontrollably horny, she begs to have you inside her…

And a lot more I can only discuss with you inside the Inner Circle…

Seminar sells for $2997 INCLUDED!

Click below to get started. It’s only $1 and you have 14 days to see if you like it…

What kind of results have other guys in The Inner Circle experienced?


“I went through the entire Sex On Demand System in one day. It was mesmerizing, I couldn’t stop watching the videos and I almost got into trouble at work…

As soon as work finished I went to meet a couple of friends at this cool wine bar in the Leather District, and I was itching to try out some of the techniques straight away.

I saw this really cute girl at the bar, and I used the Introduction Hack method to start the conversation and after a bit of fluff I start using the “Safe Sex” technique from Module 7.

Literally minutes later, she’s leaning into my ear telling me some of the dirtiest, most sexual stuff I’ve ever heard come out of a woman’s mouth. I knew some girls were freaky, but I always thought it was the fat or ugly girls. This girl was really cute and some the stuff she was telling me was actually making me blush.

She was giving me all the signs that you described that show she’s ready to get out of there and even though I was shitting bricks, I asked her to come back to my place…exactly the way you told me to.

I was shocked when she said she’d been waiting for me to ask her from the moment I opened my mouth. We left and went back to my place, and the whole cab ride back she couldn’t keep her hands off me.

Greg! I’m shocked. It took me 30 mins to get her out of the bar and back to my place and I’ve never had a girl be so eager to get into my bed before. I mean it’s not like I’m even that good looking and when I think about it, I didn’t really do that much. I just followed the steps you laid out and watched her make all the moves.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this power. If you’re ever in Boston, email me, I owe you a drink.”

– Declan. M


“ transformed the way I have thought about attracting women into my life. This is hands down the best and efficient way of attracting the type of women I’ve always wanted. Most importantly, I don’t have to act like someone I’m not and I can be my genuine self as I go through the process. Thank you!”

– Che


“To start off with i was a bit nervous using the Kings Game, but after a month of it I was away and running and the girls I was hooking up with were beyond anything I could even dream of. Thank you for getting me closer to my ideal life…”

– Kyran L


“Since I have put everything in practice I have experienced crazy results with stupidly hot women. Knowledge isn’t power… Application of that knowledge is power! I have been pushing myself over and over to improve every day. I have seen drastic changes in all parts of life, more than in just dating…. Cheers to you sir! Keep grinding and making the world a better place!”

– Anton L


“Before I enter a nightclub, any venue or office, I use one of the “Seduction Parachute” techniques in The King’s Game, and I walk in with pride. Instantly, every female head turns and smiles! Yes, they smile at me! To have this effect on women without even opening my mouth…I can’t even describe the feeling. That alone was worth ten times the price of admission! I’m much more confident and I am seeing the clues and signals that women can’t help but transmit.”

– Steven B


“Your material on King’s Game is one of a kind in this market. I really appreciate you take the time to work out this stuff because I believe chasing women can’t be the best way to go, but before you, I had no idea how to get her to chase me. Now I do, and it just makes the whole dating game so much more fun and less frustrating. I’ll be looking forward to more of your programs in the future!”

– SP


That’s just a small sample of what guys in The King’s Game Inner Circle experience on a daily basis ever since they joined.

And we’re not done yet. There’s another valuable benefit I haven’t told you about… Inner Circle subscribers also get access to me for personal advice.

“You Mean I Also Get Personal Advice From Greg C. Greenway Himself?”

Yes, you read that correctly. When you subscribe to the King’s Game Inner Circle today you also get…

>> Direct access to me with your questions about women, attraction, rapport, seduction, social circles, and anything else I’m qualified to answer.

You can ask me anything and I’ll help you out personally.

This is the single biggest reason why guys are always asking to join the Inner Circle.

Yes, there are limits to this. I can’t be your “pen pal.” But I will be there with timely advice if you ever get stuck, confused, or need guidance.

NOBODY gets this level of direct access to me, except for my family, my best friends, and my Inner Circle (that’s it).

And that’s not all. You also get…

  • Over 12 hours of exclusive bonus interviews you can’t find anywhere else, with top dating experts like David Wygant, Dan Dennick, Andy Yosha, Joshua Pellicer, Marni The WingGirl, Nick Sparks, Richard LaRuina, Sinn and Ryan Magin…
  • 6+ hours of “behind the scenes” footage with my good friend (and crazy genius dating coach) Jason Capital, plus Adam Lyons, Jordan Harbinger, Christian Hudson, Adam Gilad and Fabian DeRossi…

Click below to get started. It’s only $1 and you have 14 days to see if you like it…

Is There A Guarantee?

I’ll be totally honest with you, if you’re looking for a “safety net” in the form of a guarantee, or if you’re worried about investing one measly dollar to get started, you should pass on this.

Let the next guy take your spot instead.

You’re getting close to 7 THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of my products at an obscene discount, and I’m footing the bill for your first two weeks.

If you’re not confident in your ability to make the most out of that, then – to be blunt – you’re not cut out for this.

Still here?


Accept this offer. We both know you won’t regret it. You wouldn’t still be reading this if you felt otherwise. So go with your gut on this one.

Remember it’s just $1 to get started right now.

Click to come inside, we’re waiting for you…

Committed to helping you dominate your dating life,













– Greg C. Greenway


I want to congratulate you for betting on yourself and going all-in.

Just by making this commitment, you’ve already won the game. You just haven’t collected your prize yet. But you will. Very soon.

And I personally promise The King’s Game Inner Circle will give you everything you need to achieve the dating and social life you’ve always wanted, but haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Shoot me an email after your first couple of weeks and let me know how much you’re enjoying your newfound power and freedom.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.