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Pimping All Over The World

I travel a lot, all over the world. Being a creature of habit, I’ve grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and enjoying certain pleasures. One of my guilty pleasures, or should I say “diva” tendencies, is that I hate paying to get into nightclubs, and I hate standing in lines. Do these people not know who I am?


But seriously, it’s something that I always try to avoid. In London, LA and many cities in Europe where I;m established in a number of social circles, this is easy to set up. But what happens when I’m in a city I’ve never been before? I found myself in that very situation in Miami. However, by the end of the week, I was partying in the hottest nightclub with a throng of celebrities and models, hanging out in the VIP lounges, and basically being treated like a rockstar wherever I went.

I achieved this through 2 things:

1. Research
2. Utilities

Firstly, I thoroughly research Miami. I found all the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs. My end purpose was to party like a rockstar and not have to pay for it. What do nightclubs love? Good looking women and high value men. These are their utilities. It makes sense that if I was going to get the clubs to give me something (free booze and access), I’d have to give them something first based on the utilities Iíve mentioned: Money and Women.

So, I had to find a hotel that had these 2 things in abundance. Again, after plenty of research, I chose a suitable hotel. I had to contact the clubs and create an image in their mind of who I was. Perception is hugely important, especially in high end social circles. I contacted a popular celebrity nightclub, telling them I was an international jetsetter coming into town on Friday. I actually arrived a week earlier, but the reason for my little porkie pie (cockney slang for lie), will become apparent shortly.

I arrived in Miami, and over the course of the week, I talked to and befriended a number of people in my hotel. Being a pricey hotel, you can be sure that there are sufficient numbers of good looking WOMEN and HIGH VALUE guys. I made a few friends and told every new friend that I was going to this huge party on Friday (the day I told the club I was coming). I told them all I had VIP access, tables etc. It could all have fallen flat on my face, but I was confident that my little plan would work.

By Friday, I had a fairly decent sized entourage of good looking women, and one really cool guy (who owned a private jet company) that I’d met throughout the week. I phoned the club around 4pm, told them that I had just landed and that I would be having dinner at the Hotel Victor, which at that time was a pretty posh restaurant. I turned up to the club with my group. We were escorted immediately into VIP, and where taken very good care of. I have never paid to go into that club since that night.

Why was this the case?

Let’s recap….

* I found out where all the best clubs, restaurants, hotels where. (RESEARCH)
* I then booked myself into the nicest hotel. Despite being above my budget, I knew that this would help create an image of me that I was a person of high value. (PERCEPTION)
* Because of people’s PERCEPTION of me, (due to staying in an expensive hotel) my interactions were very favorable. Also, I was very knowledgeable of the hot spots in the city because of my RESEARCH, which again added to the PERCEPTION that I was well traveled, equaling HIGH VALUE.
* From my RESEARCH I identified Hotel Victor as a popular and prestigious restaurant destination.
* I told the club on Friday that I was having dinner at Hotel Victor. (PERCEPTION and HIGH VALUE.)
* I then turned up at the club with lots of good looking WOMEN. This added to their PERCEPTION of me as a HIGH VALUE male (who arrives in a foreign country at 4pm and by 10pm has a throng of attractive young women with them).

Can you see what I did? I used RESEARCH and my understanding of UTILITIES, namely the clubs and people in this social scene, to influence the PERCEPTION of my VALUE. And most importantly, I went into this situation trying to make it a win for everyone. The people I met had a good time, I made new connections and got to party for very little expenditure, and the club had a number of more attractive women and high value men in their establishment.

Everyone was a winner.

You can do this in any situation.

Understand the utilities, research your environment, and be creative in how you influence peoples perception of you, so that you can slot right into their desired utility.

Try it out on your next trip!