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SSB is the award winning, 8-week deep-dive immersion course showing you how to live your ultimate dream social life.

Over the course of the program you will be given the tools to make friends, influence people and fill your life with all the fun and adventure you can imagine.

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The King’s Game is our signature dating and relationship system. It is designed to make you a high value man so you become the one calling the shots in your dating life.

Women will chase you so that you never have to approach again and have zero chance of rejection.


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Texting Blueprint is a comprehensive texting guide that removes all of the guesswork about what to text that girl you admire.

With over 97 cut and paste examples and the 3 laws of sending text messages, you’ll turn your phone into a girl getting magnet.


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Conversation Decoded is your guide to exactly WHAT TO SAY in any scenario.

Have you ever been tongue tied? Not known what to say? Ended up in a boring conversation? In this easy to digest program you’ll learn how to have natural enjoyable conversations with girls that, spark attraction and create a connection.


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Project Royalty is our flagship 44 day full transformation program.

This is an immersive coaching program that aims to transform every aspect of your life in as little as 10 mins per day. Build confidence, control your lifestyle, increase business opportunities and master your dating with our ground breaking course. 


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