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Slow Burn Dating

One of the most important aspects to remember when embarking on social circle game, is the mindset shift.

Due to the nature of sharing social circles with your potential partner, concepts such as DISCRETION and ABUNDANCE MENTALITY, are so much more important.

Additionally, you are very likely to run into the same women on repeated occasions, meaning you can afford to take your time in the dating/seduction process.

This is when you would use SLOW BURN Game. It is highly effective and practical in a social circle.

Slow burn works by stretching out the dating process, so that you don’t have to rush any of your interactions. In a scenario where you meet a woman that you aren’t sure you will see again, there is a tendency for some men to try and speed up the interaction. ie go for the phone number, or even try to get the girl home the same night or day.

Obviously this can and does work for men on occasion, but very often it doesn’t end up in a significant relationship of any kind. The girl might flake on the phone number; may not be ready to have an intimate encounter with you. There are a variety of reasons beyond your control that would mean a woman would not entertain your advances at a particular given time.

Think about it from a woman’s point of view? Sometimes you’re asking her to make a decision about you based on very little information. A woman who may not want to get to know you after a few minutes, could very easily get into a significant relationship with you if she knew you better.

In a social circle setting, SLOW BURN allows this process to happen.

Because you are all part of the same social circle, you can be fairly certain that you will see the woman again; most likely multiple times.

The first time you may just be introduced to her and you have a brief conversation.

The next time, you may talk further and you find out more about her while she also learns more about your personality as well.

During the course of time that she see’s you on different occasions it allows her to observe you and really see all the good points about your personality and vice versa.

After you’ve seen her a few times over the course of some weeks or months, the FAMILIARITY EFFECT will also kick in.

This is very common in social circle situations. The FAMILIARITY EFFECT or EXPOSURE EFFECT as it sometimes is called, describes the phenomenon of people having more positive emotions to a person the after they have seen them a few times.

Pretty self explanatory, but in a social circle setting, this effect is magnified. For people invested in a social circle, that circle is a place of highly positive emotions. These emotions can also be transferred to the members of the group speeding up rapport. Add that to the other RAPPORT ACCELERATOR that is shared experiences and you have a powerful mix.

I remember a girl who was part of my extended social circle. I saw this girl quite often, but each interaction was never really more than a few minutes long. Simple small talk about each others lives. Pretty mundane stuff actually.

Well, I remember telling her that I was moving away to Los Angeles. She was visibly upset and affected. Complained that she was losing a friend and that she would miss me. Yes I may have seen her quite a lot, but the cumulative time we were actually talking or in each others company would amount to a couple of hours max.

The FAMILIARITY EFFECT is very powerful. It’s why SLOW BURN works so well in a social circle. When you are introduced to someone new in a social circle that takes your fancy, there may not be an opportunity at that point to try and advance the relationship. It may also be inappropriate and could potentially damage your involvement in the social circle.

Be aware of this next time you’re meeting someone that you like in your social circle. There is no need to dive head first at 100 miles an hour. You have time and you can use SLOW BURN to your advantage. Let her have time to grow into your life and grow her interest in you.